Assimilation Ministry

The Assimilation Ministries are our fellowship ministries. The goal of the Assimilation Ministry is to connect and engage every person along their journey of G.R.O.W.T.H. If you are interested in connecting with any of the Assimilation ministries, please email , or call 770-929-1111, ext. 225.

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Disciples of Hope

The Disciples of Hope is our dynamic seniors' ministry ages 55+. This ministry meets weekly for a12:30 pm Senior Bible Study and conducts periodic group trips and activities throughout the year.

Covenant Nation
(Men’s Ministry)

The Covenant Nation Ministry is our Men's Bible Study Fellowship.

Altar Ministry

The Altar ministry provides prayer, loving spiritual support, and guidance to all persons during their initial process of connecting to the Kingdom of God and along their Pathway of G.R.O.W.T.H. at SBC.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Intercessory Prayer ministry is a ministry called to cover the Pastor, the church leadership, the parishioners and the community and their concerns in prayer. Prayer request can be submitted confidentially on The City and here on the church website.

Fitness Ministry

Fitness Ministry is a health and wellness ministry aimed at “tuning the temple” by strengthening the body, fortifying the mind, and growing the spirit. Classes are held at 7pm on Mondays (Gospel line dance) and Tuesdays (Total Body fitness.

Couples Ministry

The Couples Ministry provides fellowship and tools help build healthily and Godly relationships.

Singles Ministry

The Singles Ministry’s goal is to enrich the lives of single adults of all ages, stages, and phases of their life journey through on-campus thought-provoking sessions, and off-campus social interaction and events.


The ReGeneration young adult ministry’s purpose is to provide spiritual support for young adults ages 18-35 as they make life altering decisions that will impact the remainder of their lives.

(Women of Vision & Virtue Edifying the Nation)

WOVVEN is our women’s fellowship ministry where we equip, teach and mentor women of all ages to be mighty and victorious women of God in every area of their lives.